ArtDirection Drafts Proposals

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Baghdad is a cultural landscape – a palimpsest that records the passage of life in the cradle of human civilization. Over time that life has been prosperous and at other times it has been painful. There have been waves of construction and destruction that have washed over this site over the course of its history.

The intent with the new built program is to respect the history written in this landscape by touching its ground very lightly. Like a phoenix emerging from the ashes, the Baghdad Design Center the building dances around the ground of the site and rises gracefully and with plasticity over the public space.

The palimpsest courtyard breathes quietly in-between the new building and the old wall. It is intended to remain a place of gathering, a place for life and urban engagement

ArtDirection Drafts Proposals

ArtDirection Drafts Proposals

Proposals for several creative directions. These are rough draft sketches alternatives. As part of exploring the best visual qualities and narratives.