Keelung Crystals — Taiwan — PATTERNS Architects

A new icon is called for with the design of a port terminal and harbor services building for Keelung, Taiwan.  Creating a gateway into the city, the proposal both formally and experientially ties together the water, the city, and the sky.  The office blocks of the tower are split and shifted, providing for a cavernous core with spectacular views bi-axially from the mountainsto the harbor.  A public plinth stretches across the site, drawing vehicles and pedestrians alike into the building.  Within the plinth, retail connects more public activity with the more private terminal functions.  Both share access to a grand atrium that links with the tower above, and a landscaped open roof terrace that overlooks the water’s edge and beyond.

Rusticated Machines.jpg
Harbor Icon.jpg
Harbor Icon-crop.jpg
Crystal Decadence.jpg