Concept communication and exploration of ideas define the core of our work. Custom creation of visual directions and experiences to unfold different design identities and connect narratives. Emphasizing the fabric of every unique project aspects to have a fingerprint of its own. The expertise of Art directing multicultural and diverse scale projects have been forged over the many years of work, dedication and experience.




Art Director


Karim Mousa's Egyptian ethnicity led to many  "descendant of the Pharoah" jokes in the five years he lived in Bergen, Norway working for the highly regarded design studio Mir. If only his colleagues had known his true claim to fame as a former international Taekwondo champion...

Karim has lived abroad for more than a decade as he was based in Dubai for six years before Bergen, developing architectural work for global project design consultancies such as Dar Al-Handasah. Today, Karim is still kicking the martial arts sandbag and using his powers of art direction and worldly experience to bring unbuilt architecture to life via his visual design experiences and explorative approaches. 






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