Rosemont hotel — Dubai — ZAS Architects

Entwining advanced design, digital technology and the natural world, The Rosemont Hotel and Residences Dubai is a first-in-kind, ultra-luxury urban resort destination. Reflecting a modern city where innovative development shapes the destination, the anticipated debut project for new global hospitality brand Rosemont will be operated by Curio Collection, by Hilton. Set against the dynamic backdrop of an ever-evolving skyline, Rosemont’s architecture captures a contemporary Dubai. Animated and dynamic, the bold façades reflect the city’s vibrant pulse. Inspired by reflection, light and texture, Rosemont’s evocative design transports guests into nature’s most exotic destinations - from a lush tropical rainforest to an alluring digital underwater world or cosmic experience. Located along Sheikh Zayed Road in Al Thanyah district, the over 2 million sq. ft. Development is now under construction. The 448-key, 53-storey hotel tower is conceptualized as a flowing river - the façade’s dynamic lighting enhances its bold architecture. Wrapping the tower, lighting spirals around the podium, shaping the dynamic form. 

ZasGroup_RosemontHotel_The Future.jpg
ArtDirection Drafts Proposals

ArtDirection Drafts Proposals

Proposals for several creative directions. These are rough draft sketches alternatives. As part of exploring the best visual qualities and narratives.